Controlling exposures to prevent occupational lung disease in industry


Breathe Freely in Manufacturing


Guides & Factsheets

An Introduction to LEV

Advice on the design and management of LEV systems to help you control workers’ exposure to welding fume and gases.

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The Welding Hierarchy of Control

A prioritised list of control measures to reduce the risk of hazardous exposures in welding.

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Oxford Academic Web Resource

Virtual Issue: Welding and Respiratory Disease

Free access to research papers on respiratory disease and welding from BOHS' journal 'Annals of Work Exposures and Health'

In support of the Breathe freely campaign Oxford Academic have developed a collection which brings together key papers addressing respiratory hazards and welding, and methods for their control. Freely access these articles until 31 May 2018.  More>>

Control Selector tool microsite - online tool & PDFs

Control Selector Tool

This toolkit provides information for managers to better recognise the welding hazards and manage and implement the most appropriate controls through an easy to use online tool.


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