Controlling exposures to prevent occupational lung disease in industry

The Breathe Freely campaign is an initiative of BOHS, the Chartered Society for Worker Health Protection, in partnership with HSE, Land Securities, Mace, and Constructing Better Health.




About BOHS


The British Occupational Hygiene Society - works to achieve a healthy working environment for everyone. Occupational hygiene is the scientific discipline concerned with recognising, evaluating and controlling workplace health risks. Occupational hygienists use science and engineering to develop cost-effective solutions to control both obvious and hidden risks to health.

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BOHS Membership:

Membership is for anyone with an interest in worker health protection and a healthier work environment.  A wide range of benefits includes professional development opportunities and discount offers at conferences and events.


Qualifications & Training:

BOHS’ Faculty of Occupational Hygiene offers a range of UK and international qualifications and courses in occupational hygiene, and related subjects, that are recognised world-wide.


Conferences & Events:

BOHS provides an exciting and varied schedule of events, which are available to everyone. These events are a great way of networking to make new contacts and increase your knowledge – with many events qualifying for CPD points.



As the leading authority in occupational disease prevention. BOHS can provide expertise in a number of areas, including: how to find an occupational hygienist; guidance for employers; guidance for occupational hygienists. BOHS also publishes a range of downloadable brochures and materials.




About BOHS Mini Brochure

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